Youtube Music Video Promotion

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Youtube Music Video Promotion

Youtube Music Video Promotion

Youtube Music Video Promotion  is a powerful tool for building a connection with your fans and for establishing an artist or band’s public persona. Whether you set up a pre-release phase with teasers or release it straight to your channel, a video will increase the potential reach of your music by many orders of magnitude and is an important part of your promotional strategy.

Beyond Views: The Impact of Likes on Engagement and Channel Growth on YouTube

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine (just behind Google) and its users are constantly searching for new music – especially videos. With the right techniques, you can optimise your video for these searches, and with a little budget, this can be done as a paid advertising campaign in addition to your organic promotion on YouTube.

When choosing keywords for your video, make sure that they are relevant to the song, genre and vibe. Use a keyword tool to check which ones have a high search volume but also low competition. Avoid overusing keywords as this may appear to be keyword stuffing and may hurt your SEO ranking. For example, using a keyword like ‘Justin Bieber’ to promote your band’s thrash metal tune will not gain you fans and is very likely to be reported as spam by the YouTube algorithm.

If you’re promoting your video as an ad, choose Targeting Options> on the left side of the screen and select a Device Targeting> that best matches your target audience. You can also add a Budget> and Ad Format> if you have any specific requirements.

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