Wholesale Body Piercing Jewelry

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Wholesale body piercing wholesale is a great way to start your own piercing business. Buying in bulk can save you money while allowing you to stock your shop with a wide variety of styles and materials. It’s also a good way to keep your inventory fresh and new!

What piercing material does not rust?

The first thing you should check for is whether or not the jewelry is of high quality. Oftentimes, poorly made and cheaply manufactured body jewelry can irritate the skin and cause pain and delayed healing. A high quality piece should be polished to a mirror finish, free of scratches and nicks. It should also be free of polishing compounds that may appear as deposits near a fixed bead or in the threading.

What to Avoid

Many jewelry makers use a layer of gold that is not implant grade over inferior metals such as nickel or aluminum, then cover the jewelry with a coating of nickel or copper to help the gold adhere. This technique can be ineffective and may lead to sharp edges or areas that can trap body fluids or bacteria.

In addition, silver and aluminum are not biocompatible. Silver is very unstable and will oxidize (tarnishes) quickly, while aluminum can cause long-term neurological damage and metal sensitivities for many people. It is best to choose silver that is sterling or at least 98% pure. It is also best to avoid jewelry that has sharp edges or that sits directly against a piercing hole.

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