When Do Grills Go on Sale?

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when do grills go on sale

When do grills go on sale? A grill’s price will usually drop after Labor Day, the first Monday in September. However, southern states have cooler temperatures before this date, so northern shoppers should be aware of this possibility. This is because retailers will want to clear inventory for the upcoming winter months and therefore discount grills in preparation for this. Lowe’s and Home Depot will be offering grills for 60 to 80 percent off in the off-season. Big Lots and other discount stores are popular places to find older models at deep discounts.

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Typically, grills go on sale during the fall. The fall is also an ideal time to find a good deal. Many retailers start their end-of-season sales after Labor Day. Presidents’ Day is also a popular time to buy grills, as retailers try to clear out last year’s models and make room for new products. Fourth of July and Memorial Day are also great times to find deals on grills.

The winter is not the best time to purchase a grill, so wait until the fall. Many retailers will clear their grill section in October and replace it with holiday items. Look for floor models, too, as they can be great bargains! Don’t forget to check out big box stores, too. Even smaller stores may offer great deals. However, be prepared to pay more for delivery. You’ll be glad you did!

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