Types of Property For Sale in Gozo

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If you are looking to buy property in Malta, but are not keen on the big city life, Gozo is worth a look. This smaller island is a world of tranquil coves, green fields and church spires – it feels like you have been transported back in time.

What is the stamp duty in Gozo property?

Gozo is known for its laid-back, rural charm and its slow pace of life – a world that many people have come to love. It has a relaxed lifestyle that is perfect for retirees or those who are looking for a more peaceful way to live in the Mediterranean. URL

There are a number of types of property for sale in Gozo, with apartments, townhouses, houses and maisonettes all available on the island’s property market. These are ideal as a residential home, holiday home or property investment.

Apartments are a popular choice as they offer more space and privacy, with many offering sea views. They are also often more affordable and easier to maintain than larger homes.

Townhouses are another type of Gozitan property for sale, with traditional Maltese balconies and small gardens. They are popular with young couples or families living in Malta and are often located close to amenities.

Houses of Character are another great option for those looking to own a home in Gozo that has been built over the years and boasts Maltese heritage. These types of properties are often restored to their original glory and can be a wonderful addition to any family, holiday home or property investment.

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