Turbo Force Tile Cleaner

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turbo force tile cleaner

The turbo force tile cleaner high impact jets to concentrate the power of your truck mount or high pressure portable at your fingertips, allowing you to clean 400-1,000 square feet an hour. It’s lightweight and durable, with a comfortable grip non slip handle that relieves hand and wrist strain. It also has a patented automatic vacuum compensator that leaves surfaces drier, which your customers will love. The Turbo Force Hybrid operates at a range of 500 to 2500 psi and is designed to handle tough jobs like ceramic tile, grout, countertops, walls and more. It comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty on all non-wear elements. It also includes an extra long life hard boot and new brush ring.

Revolutionize Your Tile Cleaning with Turbo Tile Cleaners: A Comprehensive Guide

To learn more about the turbo force tile cleaner, check out this article by Taf Baig, IICRC instructor and business owner. If you’re ready to start a cleaning business of your own, see this article on starting your cleaning company with a truckmount or portable.

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