Orbot Vibe Floor Machine

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orbot vibe floor machine

Orbot Vibe is a versatile floor machine designed to fit any budget. Save time, money and labor by owning one machine that does many things – like scrubbing and cleaning concrete floors, epoxy floors, and vinyl, urethane and rubber matting.

Orbital Drives are orbot vibe floor machine | TMF Store penetrating, fast-acting forms of vibration that deliver the agitation needed to remove tough, embedded dirt and soil from most surfaces. They are also the preferred method for scrubbing and cleaning concrete surfaces.

Orbot Vibe Floor Machine: The Ultimate Solution for Deep Cleaning and Polishing Floors

The patented dual-action orbital system of each Orbot Vibe generates thousands of small 3/4″ orbits that spin at 1725 oscillations per minute and rotate around the motor shaft at 80 rpm. This unique drive system is the primary factor in delivering superior results in all professional deep and interim carpet, scrubbing, grinding, stripping and polishing applications.

Free Floating Driver Head is Ideal for Scrubbing and Stripping Wood Floors or Decking

With the Orbot’s free floating driver head, you will live stress free without ever worrying about swirl marks and gouges that other traditional machines leave behind. The Orbot’s orbital actions also allow you to strip and maintain your hardwood floors in a fraction of the time, requiring little water.

Quick Connect Cord, Thumb-Touch Control Button System and Velcro Driver Plate are all easily accessible and can be removed for safety and convenience – or replaced within seconds.

The Orbot Vibe is made industry tough 100% in the USA. Featuring a powerful 1 horsepower universal 110V/60 Hz. or 220V/50 Hz. motor that generates 1725 oscillations per minute, a quick connect cord system and thumb-touch controls. The base articulates upward for quick pad changing and the large 10″ wheels provide easy transportation.

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