Disc Workshops

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Disc workshops are a fun and effective way to teach the fundamentals of disc golf to individuals or groups. Our workshops include group activities, role-play sessions and frank discussions to ensure participants are engaged and motivated throughout the learning process. Additionally, we offer one-on-one coaching and ongoing support to help participants implement the skills they have learned.

What type of assessment is DISC?

In this DISC team training course, Betsy will show your team how to first understand their own personality styles so they can operate at their best. Then, they will learn how to identify the styles of their teammates so they can effectively connect with them and work together as a team.

By the end of this DISC workshop, your team will have more trusting relationships and be able to minimize interpersonal conflict. Additionally, they will be able to more effectively communicate with clients, vendors and other outside partners so they can meet their needs and build lasting relationships. Find out more

This DISC teambuilding workshop is perfect for all types of teams, including sales, customer service, and management teams. It will also be beneficial for nonprofit and association leaders, board members, and individual contributors. Managers who attend this training will be able to champion DISC in the workplace by tying it to team, client and company goals, making them your very own in-house DISC experts. This will allow them to multiply the value of this assessment for their teams long after everyone has taken their own individual DISC profile.

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