Top Universities For MBA in USA

In the competitive job market, the best mba colleges in usa from a reputed university will help you to get ahead and change your career. The US is the largest MBA market in the world with over one million students applying each year. Top universities in the USA are renowned for their excellent placement opportunities, innovative programs, and collaboration with start-ups. However, applying to these top universities is not an easy task. To get into these institutions, you should have an excellent application form and be a good fit.

The University of Pennsylvania, for instance, started its MBA program in the late 1800s. The program was designed to prepare students for executive roles in business. It taught students the ins and outs of economics, marketing, operations, and legal issues. The Harvard School of Business and Tuck at Dartmouth also offered an MBA degree. Soon, the rest of the world began to recognize the American model of academic training.

MIT’s Sloan School of Management is a premier MBA program in the US. It offers an intensive curriculum and international experience. The school accepts only eight hundred and thirteen MBA students each year. The school’s graduates are highly sought-after. Its job placement rate is over 95%.