The Growth of Dry Wash in Brazil

In Brazil, Clique aqui is experiencing strong growth as consumers look to outsource their laundry responsibilities in the wake of the pandemic. It offers the opportunity to benefit from a re-engagement with hygiene that has primarily benefited traditional cleaning products and a decline in domestic services – but it isn’t without challenges.

Despite the fact that most Brazilian households own washing machines, they tend to only use them on an as-needed basis as they have a tendency to overwash their clothes, thus wasting water and energy. They also often only wash at 40°C or 60°C – and don’t even use the spin cycle. Consequently, they need a solution that will save them both time and water, while also being convenient to use.

Efficiency Meets Cleanliness: Dry Wash Services Sweep Brazil

This is where Dry Wash comes in, as it allows for more efficient use of both water and energy whilst being quick and easy to use. Moreover, its foaming technology is a key differentiator in consumers’ minds as it provides a more thorough clean and therefore adds value to the product. In addition, it reduces the amount of detergent needed, which also saves money for Brazilian consumers whose households pay for their water supply. However, price and awareness remain key barriers to broader adoption of the brand. Hence, it is recommended that brands continue their marketing efforts to drive brand awareness and provide clearer pricing. This will enable them to overcome the price gap with more traditional product formats, and thereby tap into the considerable growth potential of this category in Brazil.