How to Do a Domain Reputation Lookup


domain reputation lookup is crucial to your email deliverability. If you don’t have a good reputation, many of your campaigns will be diverted to spam folders or blocked completely. Understanding how domain reputation is calculated and how to improve it is an important skill for email marketers.

Domain Reputation API: Integrating Intelligence into Operations

Each email receiver assesses domain reputation differently. Some of them keep their scoring algorithms secret to prevent malicious spammers from gaming the system. However, there are a number of free online tools you can use to monitor your domain reputation.

One of the most popular tools for checking your domain reputation is Google Postmaster Tools. It provides data and insights into your domain’s sender score and other metrics that affect email deliverability. For example, it can show you if you’re on an email blacklist and offers suggestions for improving your deliverability. Another tool is MxToolBox, which helps you determine if your domain or IP address is appearing on email blacklists. You can also use it to identify the causes of your deliverability problems and identify issues that need to be addressed to bolster your domain reputation.

A third tool to check your domain reputation is Barracuda Central, which maintains a database of spam traps and other threat information. When you enter your IP or domain, it runs them through its reputation scoring system and displays the results. This tool can also be used to detect spammy patterns and verify the authenticity of your emails.