Aftermarket Honda Grom Accessories

The Honda Grom is a rad little mini-bike that has become popular with new riders and those looking for a fun and playful bike. honda grom accessories nimble enough to maneuver narrow alleyways and one-way streets, and is capable of awakening the little Single in many of us. It also allows you to practice stunts and other tricks that might seem a bit reckless on a larger motorcycle.

How fast is a Honda Grom go?

While the stock suspension and braking are adequate for most riders, it’s hard to argue against a little more performance. Thankfully, the aftermarket has embraced the Grom and offers several different options to make it a better handling and stopping machine. A good start is a simple rear fender eliminator, which can be used to remove the stock license plate mount for a clean look and can also accommodate a set of flush mount turn signals (which are recommended).

Other performance modifications include a bigger 183cc big bore kit, which provides more power than the standard 8HP engine. These kits are easy to install and come with all the necessary parts. Some of these kits even allow you to adjust the fuel injection and other components to match your rider weight.

If you’re serious about racing your Grom, it’s also a good idea to invest in a set of rearsets, which move your footpegs back to make them easier to reach when in full lean. This is especially important if you plan to race on short tracks, where the lack of forward leverage can quickly cause your feet to drag on the floor.