Valorant Cheats – How to Spot Them

valorant cheats

Valorant is Riot’s latest hero FPS, and it’s already taking off. The game features a lot of the things that players love about CS:GO and Overwatch, but is set in a different setting and requires more tactics and skill than other hero shooters.

But as with every online, team-based valiant cheat, cheaters are a problem. Cheating can give players an unfair advantage over their opponents and ruin the experience for those who play fair. This article takes a look at some of the most common valorant hacks and how to spot them.

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Aimbot: If you see a player consistently hitting headshots with their weapons, they may be using aimbot software to help them hit enemies. This type of hack helps players take down enemies without having to work hard on their accuracy or reflexes.

Speed hack: If you notice a player moving much faster than everyone else, they may be using a speed hack. This kind of hack allows players to move at a much faster pace, making it harder for opponents to catch them and giving them an unfair advantage.

Radar hack: A radar hack is a type of valorant hack that allows players to see enemy locations on the map before they even get close to them. This gives them a huge advantage over their opponents and can help them avoid being killed or picked off by an enemy. This is a popular type of hack that’s used in many other games, including CS:GO and Overwatch.