Why Dyno Tuning Is the Only Way to Get More Power From Your Diesel

GU Performance is here to help you get the best results from your Toyota diesel. We specialise in dyno tuning and can perform a wide range of upgrades to extract the most power from your vehicle. Our experienced technicians are happy to discuss your individual needs and recommend a solution.

Manufacturers are highly conservative with diesel tuning Adelaide outputs, so getting a boost in torque and power isn’t always easy for diesel owners. However, modern ECUs have more points of adjustment than older models – making it easier for tuners to access the maximum potential of your vehicle’s engine without compromising safety or fuel efficiency.

From the Track to the Street: Diesel Performance for Every Enthusiast

The first thing the tuner will do is copy the original factory file on your ECU and then start modifying settings based on the things you tell them you want to achieve (e.g. more power for towing). They will spend the majority of their time on the remap altering the ‘fuelling’ and ‘torque request’ mapping within the ECU – this is where the real power gains come from.

It is important that your tune is done by a certified dealer, who knows how to make safe changes to the engine management system. The last thing you want is to strain the engine or drive train to the point where it causes damage, under performs or produces smoke. It doesn’t take much to saturate the diesel injectors with fuel, causing soot and overfuelling – and that is just one of many common mistakes made by unlicensed diesel tuners and mechanics.