Omaha Warehouse – A Great Place to Store Your Boat

Warehouse Nebraska is a major transportation hub for the region. Its port facilities on the Missouri River and the city’s railroad connections are important assets to its economy, especially during the city’s second period of rapid growth from 1865 to about 1880. At this time, Omaha was a wholesale jobbing center for the Midwest United States. Wholesale jobbers purchased goods from producers along the Great Platte River Road and then sold them to small businesses through traveling salesmen. Several companies were engaged in this type of business, including the Western Bridge and Construction Company, the Byron Reed Company, the NP Dodge Company and others.

Why is warehousing important?

Besides its port, Omaha has several commercial and industrial districts, including Aksarben Village, a large complex of the University of Nebraska at Omaha campus containing learning centers, dorms, stores, restaurants, clubs and a hotel. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NE’s new headquarters and First Data’s Omaha offices are also in the neighborhood. There are many smaller neighborhood grocers, furniture stores and other businesses in the city.

Telecommunications is another significant industry in Omaha. The city was a key stop on the AT&T long-distance telephone network before the breakup of that giant phone company. After the breakup, nationwide telecommunications companies located their call center operations in Omaha. One of these, US West, even used the slogan “Dial 800 and get Omaha” for its advertising campaign.

Residents of Omaha are avid sports fans, particularly collegiate sports, such as Cornhusker football and the NCAA Men’s College World Series. The city also hosts the Major League Baseball Summer League. Many residents also enjoy spending time on the lakes around Omaha, like Glenn Cunningham Lake and Standing Bear Reservoir. However, they don’t have to worry about finding a place to store their boats because there are Omaha boat storage locations.

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