What is an Electronic Water Softener?

The electronic water softener is a water conditioning device that softens water with a magnetic field. It works by changing the calcium carbonate ions into bi-carbonates. This increases the pH level of water and kills bacteria that can cause scale buildup. Its high frequency electromagnetic field also keeps solar hot water systems and geysers from getting scaled.

How long should a water softener last?

This device is simple to install and requires no plumbing expertise. It works on water that contains high concentrations of minerals or is saline. It can improve water that comes from a town supply, bore, spring, river, or well. It is a great option for those who are looking to soften water without a large investment.

Another benefit of using an electronic water softener is that it does not use salt or chemicals. It produces electromagnetic waves that interact with the water, breaking up the hard minerals and preventing them from attaching to pipes. It also uses a minimal amount of electricity, which helps save on electricity costs. Furthermore, it also reduces household waste.

A good electronic water softener uses ion exchange to replace the calcium and magnesium ions in water. As these ions have a higher positive charge, they are more easily absorbed by the water. The electric timer in the softener regenerates the resin bed automatically, allowing it to remove unwanted ions in the water.