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NEW! “Mammograms: Limited Usefulness, Maximum Fear”
American HealthScare Blog

NEW! “What ‘Health Care Costs’ Really Means”
The Atlantic

NEW! “The Indian women pushed into hysterectomies”

“A Check on Physicals”
The New York Times

“Surprise! We don’t know if half our medical treatments work”
The Washington Post

“Debate Over The Benefits Of Routine Mammograms”
The Diane Rehm Show

“Samuel Shem, 34 Years After ‘The House of God’”
The Atlantic

“The Fallacy of Treating Health Care as an Industry”
The Atlantic

“Study Suggests Most Double Mastectomy Surgeries Aren’t Necessary”

“Ignoring the Science on Mammograms”
The New York Times

“Better oversight of compounding pharmacies won’t solve the bigger problem of unnecessary medical procedures”
Boston Globe

“Do Prestigious Residencies Mean Better Doctors?”
The Atlantic

“What Kind of Physician Will You Be? Variation in Health Care and Its Importance for Residency Training”
The Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care

“Waste in U.S. Health Care: Your First-Hand Accounts”

“The Epidemic of Excess Medical Treatment”
Take Part

“Reducing overtreatment is ‘the other side of quality improvement’”
Common Sense Family Doctor Blog

“Psychiatrist Contends the Field Is ‘Committing Professional Suicide’”
TIME Healthland

“Cause of death: Defensive medicine”

“How robotic surgery is promoted on the other side of the globe”
Health News Review

“The Cost of Assuming Doctors Know Best”
The Atlantic

“Linda Drajem: Health-care status quo is unacceptable”
The Buffalo News

“Is CT lung cancer screening worth it?”
KevinMD Blog

“Dr. Michael Kitchell: Overutilization drives up costs”
Ames Tribune

“Preventing over-diagnosis: how to stop harming the healthy”
The Conversation

“When Patients — Not Doctors — Make Medical Mistakes”
TIME Ideas

“5 Medical Tests You Don’t Need”
Men’s Health News

“Overtreatment Is Taking a Harmful Toll”
The New York Times

“Dr. Bernard Lown speaks out against overtreatment”
The Boston Globe Magazine

“Rethinking cancer: When less medical treatment is more”
LA Times Editorial

“Are we ‘overdiagnosing’ harmless problems?”
NHS Choices

“Doctors Really Do Die Differently”
Zócalo Public Square

“Too Much Medical Care?”
The New York Times

“A Formula for Cutting Health Costs”
The New York Times

“How to Avoid Avoidable Care–by George Lundberg”
Health Beat by Maggie Mahar

Reporting on Health
A project of USC Annenberg’s California Endowment Health Journalism Fellowships

“Why Do CPR?”
MedPage Today

“Providing the right amount of health care; more is not always better”

“The Trouble with Doctor Knows Best
The New York Times

“When Costly Medical Care Just Adds to the Pain”
WELL, The New York Times

“How much healthcare do you need?”
U.S.News & World Report

“Asking the Right Questions, Choosing the Right Tests”
Medscape News

“Dr. Victoria Sweet: God’s Hotel
Daily Kos

“The Doctor Will See You – If You’re Quick”
Newsweek Magazine

“Endless Screenings Don’t Bring Everlasting Health”
The New York Times

“Do you really need that medical test?”
The New York Times

“Doctors recommend trims to wasteful medical spending”
The Washington Times

“Getting doctors to think about costs”
The New York Times

“If you feel OK, Maybe you are OK
The New York Times

“Seniors need to reevaluate their needs for popular medical treatments”
Kaiser Health News

“Stemming the tide of overtreatment in US healthcare”

“Fear of Lawsuits Influences Care From Most Orthopedic Surgeons: Survey

“Gauging hype during Heart Month: 5 tests you might not need”
Reuters Health

“How to steer toward the path of least treatment”
The New York Times

“Why doctors order so many tests”
The New York Times

“Patients get too much medical care, doctors say”
MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal


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