Lown in the news

“Overtreatment, over here”
Editor’s Choice, BMJ

“Dr. Bernard Lown speaks out against overtreatment”
The Boston Globe Magazine

“Can More Be Done With Less?”
Internal Medicine News

“Preventing overdiagnosis”
Editor’s Choice, BMJ

“PSA Testing, Like a Lot of Other Procedures, May Do More Harm Than Good, Some Doctors Argue”
The Daily Beast

“The ills of money-driven medicine”
The Bangor Daily News

“Elizabeth Loder on tackling unnecessary treatment in the US: This time it feels different
BMJ Group Blogs

“Doctors should take responsibility for cutting unnecessary procedures”
The Boston Globe

“Experts consider how to tackle overtreatment in US healthcare”
News, BMJ

“Avoidable care conference foments revolution”
Healthcare Finance News

“62 Years Later, The Meeting Dr. Bernard Lown Was Waiting For”
CommonHealth, 90.9 WBUR

“At a conference on avoidable care, experts say malpractice lawsuits not the central issue”
White Coat Notes, The Boston Globe

“Cutting back on unnecessary medical tests and procedures”
The Diane Rehm Show, WWAM 88.5 NPR

“Doctors target overtreatment”
WBUR radio discussion

“Do patients want more care or less?”
The New York Times

“Forty-five medical tests patients and doctors should question”
Chicago Tribune

 ”Lown conference to focus on overtreatment”
The Boston Globe



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