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While there is growing recognition of the problem of unnecessary, avoidable care delivery in the US health care system, such care has not been clearly or precisely defined. It is likely that it means different things to different people. Avoidable care is particularly difficult to talk about within the clinical community, where various conflicts of interest have prevented the emergence of a strong voice of clinician leadership and few proposed mechanisms from within the professional societies to solve the problem. The national conversation about health care reform has therefore focused on coverage and costs and has lacked a provider-driven component.

There is growing evidence that a broad, nationally distributed group of clinicians exists who are passionate and articulate about this problem, but have not coalesced around a single focus. An opportunity exists to catalyze the creation of such a network, which could then play a key role in fostering the emergence of leadership from the clinical community. Such a focused, organized group is necessary if we are to succeed in overcoming the inertia and resistance which profound cultural changes always engender.

Organized by the Lown Cardiovascular Research Foundation and the New America Foundation, and co-hosted by the Institute of Medicine, the two-day conference will be held in Cambridge, Massachusetts on April 25-26, 2012, with Dr. Harvey Fineberg, President of the Institute of Medicine, delivering the keynote address.

The Conference is by invitation only, and if you are interested in attending, please contact usWe encourage participants to stay for both days.

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